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The Car Village

We all love automobiles but , we never have never found a proper solution to deal with the tonnes of automobile waste that we throw out into the environment.


This is an Autoblog Kenya and Green Plus kenya solution to the automotive waste that is slowly chocking our environment

The Problem

According to consumer reports, car life’s expectancy is about 8years. Of  recent days due to technological advancement the life expectancy has risen to about 15 years, after which automobile specialist term as ‘an end to a car usefulness’  is reached

At this point the automobile will cause more headache to the owner and the inevitable happens and the owner gives up on it and let nature take its cause. The only problem is nature has not yet found a way to take care of automotive waste.

The results ; automobiles are becoming the next polythene bags on our streets.

These automotive waste have the following impacts;

  • An environmental degradation due to the various components that make up the car
  • Neighborhoods are crawling with petty crime offenders who hideout in this waste and plan out attacks
  • During the rainy season this waste collect tonnes of rain water which becomes a breeding ground for malaria causing mosquitoes
The Solution

Having fully established that there is that one invevitable point in a car’s life that it will no longer be useful, then an alternative use to what remains of the car comes to play.

The Car village

Once the point is reached instead of an automobile being dumped somewhere to collect dust, destroy the environment and endanger everyone, the car village will go round picking up those automobiles and converting them to accommodation rooms that can be rented out to bring an income and employment

The Car Village will make use of every usable part of a car to make it up give the comunity a cleaner safer and habitable environment

The Concept

To begin with The Car Village will be home to big automobiles (buses,trucks and truck containers) because these can be easily converted to rooms and set the Village on a path upwards

For these structures, a side of the structure will be sliced off and replaced with sliding doors  fr easy ingress and egress . A single bus/container will be divided to fit two rooms with toilet facility in each. As the Village grows some of the buses will no be divided forming a complete housing unit ready for paid accommodation to any visitors.

Smaller cars (sedans/SUVs) will be arranged to simulate am ‘massai boma’ (traditional clan). This arrangement will see a group who want to spend an evening around their boma do so without crisscrossing the village.The boots will be sliced off to make an entry and exit to a one bed accommodation room. The boma will then be covered over head and a unique abolition block put up in there to be shared by that group only.

Furnishing the house will be done from car related products and spare parts. Seats and tables will be made out of tires, tables will be creatively designed from engines, sinks will be made out of wasted a way gearbox housings  and so on. This will ensure that the informal sector have jobs and a decent income (images shared)

Goals and Achivements

The Car Village has milestones to achieve;

  • Creation of more villages around the country to not only expand it boundaries but help clean the environment and uplift the local community in that are
  • The village will extend to other forms of automobile waste such as train coaches and decommission planes

Long Term Goals for the Village;

  • Because this is a car themed place, the village will be designed in a way later we can have a karting track within the village. this will not only invite many more people which means more income through out but also will nature rally drivers who badly need an affordable practice  ground
  • A car oriented radio station
  • Create a fully fledged research facility to provide solution to Africa problem

To kick of The Car Village, it needs a one off cash injection of 12m ksh in exchange of 30% equity for any investor.Investment from investors can be partial or whole i.e. 6 investors  giving Ksh 2m each will get 5% each of the equity share

This will be to purchase and renovation of 5 Double-Decker of 10 single deck buses to a tune of ksh 10m The Village search has led us to up to 3 buses whose owners are wiling to sell to us. Ksh 1m from the investment will be used to purchase a village van to help in airport transfers and tourist hire to local tourist destinations. Ksh 1m balance from the investment will go to salaries for the first 6 months.

With full occupancy for a month plus other village facilities, the village will make over 1m in profits projecting a break even in a timely 3 years. Here are the projected costs for the month of December 2017, if the village will be up and running by the times holidays check in;

Land that will be used for the first Car Village is ready with both water and electricity in Naivasha.

After this initial set up The Car Village will not buy more car shells instead car owner will be called to bring their cars to the village. This will help in two ways;

  • Car owners will work tirelessly to market their cars in the village because for every night there is a visitor in their car they will earn a percentage of the money and in turn marketing for the village in whole
  • Car owners will earn a subsidiary income bringing the car to the village instead of piling the car in the garage heaps that are becoming a common sight.
The Village Structure

The Car Village has been assembling a team highly qualified to take the village to the next many levels to come ;

  • Village Chief – Fred David ; Motoring Enthusiast, IT Graduate responsible for the Digitization of the village
  • Village Sub-Chief – Jonathan Njoroge ; Environmental Scientist Graduate, Landscaper and interior design professional responsible for overall beautification of the village
  • Village Accountant – Ngina Kabicho ; IT / Accounts Graduate responsible for all village accounts
  • Village Chef – Sharon Njoroge ; Food scientist Graduate responsible for all catering services

The Village will also be graced by the informal local community who will help in the different workings 0f the village.

The village market

The Car village will target local and international tourist with in Kenya. KEBS say that in 2016 only there were over 100 international and continental meetings held in Kenya only and this say a rise in tourist action around Kenya with  close to 5%.

Since The Car Village is a unique product with no immediate competitor , local tourist would be a target market too and from social research we found out that locals would love to have an experience in the village.

The Car village will be open to organizations to who would like to have a team building event in the village. In addition to normal hotel facilities the organizations will have motoring events like gokarting.


The Car Village is about the environment and our neighborhoods , how we are going to keep the environment clean and our neighborhoods safe and free from sickness.

The Car village main aim is to make us responsible of the luxury we enjoy and in the process we leave the world a better place than we found it.

Join us and make The Car Village a reality  follow this LINK