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Author: David

04 Oct SGR New Meaning

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Maxx: SGR Stands For “standard gauge road-car”. Industry is defined as systematic labour, especially for the creation of value. Last week’s railing against the Mobius was the cold, harsh view of an unblinking industry analyst; and while that car’s construction may espouse...

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12 Sep The Dissect – Part II

“So Mercedes?” “Well it’s an automotive industry that’s been around for about 90 years a division of the famous Daimler Group” “What of the logo?” “The logo has a long interesting story which began as a location pin and ended up being a symbol of the...

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30 Apr “I know a guy”

“Hello I am looking to sell my car” “Which car is it?” “It’s a That’s” “Come again” “It’s a Honda That’s…. you don’t know it?” “Ahhh is that an actual car? Anyway that’s a hard car to sell and it’s not so common to people but I know a guy...

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27 Mar ARC Safari Rally 2017

Where rally fans were disappointed to only have 2days of action instead of the historical 3 days of rallying. But being an ARC event meant that we had several foreign entries.Foreign entry means more action and more entertainment. Day 1 The rally began in its historical flag...

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23 Jan Stop with the Road Bribes!!

No U-Turn, No Entry, No Parking, straight on, Children Crossing, Speed Limit etc… how many of us follow these and many more road signs? How many of us know what they all look like? Do the road authorities make our road life any easier? And...

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23 Jan Mombasa Rally Upcoming

Mombasa rally here we go. As teams were preparing themselves to pay an entry fee as high as 50k only to get a surprise of Free entry handed to the teams by Mombasa Motorsport club on the Saturday night before the rally, 1 week before...

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25 Oct Mercedes Pick-Up Launch

This Day Mercedes joins the Pick-Up sector. A car that came to life after Daimler and the Nissan-Renault Alliance joined hands. Far away from what they are bringing question is will they be able to beat the already existing brands? Well join us in watching the launch...

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17 Oct Trailblazer for 2017

By The SUV segment is growing in leaps and bounds. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, SUV’s will account for 50% of total vehicle sales. With the emerging middle class, the quest to have a vehicle that is stylish, practical, safe and...

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