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“I know a guy”

“I know a guy”

“Hello I am looking to sell my car”

“Which car is it?”

“It’s a That’s”

“Come again”

“It’s a Honda That’s…. you don’t know it?”

“Ahhh is that an actual car? Anyway that’s a hard car to sell and it’s not so common to people but I know a guy who knows a guy who deals with other guys who can sell the car for you”

This conversation has become the norm in our lives of late. Cars are slowly becoming a part of the basic needs right after the internet. The only thing about cars is they age and they can do so way faster if carelessly handled.

With age come many troubles that can cause sleepless nights and since we can only bare too much, we all want to dispose our cars. We also at times wish to upgrade to better cars which still goes back to you having dispose your current car.

There other reasons why you would want to sell your car but the hustle that comes with selling your car involves you having a social media account in all possible social channels, you having a big heart to accommodate ruthless answers from other people with issues about the car you are selling and patience that outshines Job in the bible.

But you can decide to forget all that and just look for OLX.

They here to give you peace of mind when it comes to selling your car. The process too is simple, you only need a commitment fee of 2000ksh and after the due diligence from the OXL team, the next call you will receive is for you to go to collect your money.

The convenience, mental and spiritual peace when using OLX as your sellers is just what car owners need today.

Dubbed “Sell it for me “OLX is providing a safe, easy and convenient way to sell off your car(s) which will be done by a verified OLX champ. The process involves the OLX Champ posting items for sale on behalf of the seller. After which the OLX champs takes over the responsibility of actively looking for a buyer for the item. The OLX Champ not only posts the item, but also manages the entire account, and oversees the entire transaction until he / she finds a buyer. The seller is only involved at the point of sale.

#How It Works

  1. Go to the OLX website and subscribe for the service and book a Champ.
  2. You are expected to pay an initial Sell It For Me Service commitment fee online.
  3. We will link you to one of our expert, verified OLX Champs.
  4. You will get a call from the assigned Champ within 24hrs.
  5. Our Champ will meet with you and take pictures of the item(s) you have for sale.
  6. Our Champ will Post your item(s) on their verified account and receive calls on your behalf. The Ad will also be put up as a Top Ad to enable OLX champs get more visibility and sell faster.
  7. They will meet with potential buyers and link you up with the buyers to do the final exchange.
  8. The buyer deposits the money into the OLX account.
  9. OLX will then transfer the money into your bank account.
  10. Any amount over and above the initial selling price you had stated earlier is taken by OLX.

Payment for the Sell it for me booking fee of Ksh.2000 is now available online. To subscribe, kindly follow the steps below;

* On the OLX Homepage, click on “Sell your item” in the top right corner of the page.

* Click on “OLX Champ sells for you”.

* Fill in your name, phone number, item and the category of the item you have for sale (Please note that presently the OLX Champs help to sell Vehicles and Heavy machinery only).

* As soon as you fill in the necessary information, you will be directed to the page where you will be required to make payment.

* After you have made payment, an OLX Champ will give you a call as soon as possible.

Please note that the subscription fee of Ksh.2,000 is payable upfront and is nonrefundable. Any amount over and above the initial selling price that you had stated, will be taken by OLX once the car is sold.

Users who subscribe to the Sell It For Me service would enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Hassle-free posting done by the verified OLX Champs.
  2. Complete management of their accounts by our expert sales Champs who know how to post attractive ads.
  3. OLX would actively look for potential buyers on the user’s behalf to sell as quickly as possible.
  4. Users who want privacy would not need to have their phone numbers public.
  5. Safety, since the transactions would be carried out in the presence of our expert Champs and money collected by OLX.


We at Autoblog Kenya looked at this and saw it was good. For those who have suffered in the hands of bad car dealers we are very sorry but now you know better thanks to OLX. Safe, Easy and convenient way to sell car.

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