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ARC Safari Rally 2017

ARC Safari Rally 2017

Where rally fans were disappointed to only have 2days of action instead of the historical 3 days of rallying. But being an ARC event meant that we had several foreign entries.Foreign entry means more action and more entertainment.
Day 1
The rally began in its historical flag off at KICC, then headed to Jamhuri Track for CS1 where spectators were treated to a head-to-head action between the rally cars the winner of this stage was Ian Duncan beating all the new Skodas in the mickey mouse kind of special stage.
CS2 16.8km was in Ngong area with the start of the stage at Kimuka where drivers were treated to a taste of the real safari.
CS 3, Suswa stage which was cancelled a day to the start of the rally due to the condition of the road. This meant that the stage would be tackled as a transport section but still turned out to be a challenge for 2WD cars.
CS 4 Kedong 22kms where drivers were treated to a surprise light showers.
CS 5 Aberdares 18kms of action of tough road.
End of day 1 where drivers went to Bufallo mall for end of day service and overnight Perc Ferme.
At the end of the day a few competitors were awarded 10mins penalty after the new tracking and  Tag Heur timing system sponsored by Liquid telecom showed the place where the drivers had go off the rally route.

Day 2
CS 6 was a repeat of the Aberdares stage
CS 7 Elemtaita stage which was done around Lake Elemetaita and Soysambu.
CS 8 Ndundori stage which was going through thin roads surrounded by trees.
CS 9 Gicheha farm stage which was characterized by smooth, twisty and dusty roads.

1. Tapio Laukkanen /Gavin Laurence 01:54:12
2. Ian Duncan /Amaar Slatch 01:54:34
3. Carl Tundo /Tim Jessop 01:56:18
4. Onkar Rai /Gareth Dawe 01:57:01
5. Karan Patel /James Mwangi 02:01:13
6. Jaspreet Chatthe /Gurdeep Panesar 02:02:38
7. Quentin Mitchel /Steve Cook 02:04:54
8. Baldev Chager /Ravi Soni 02:05:18
9. Manvir Baryan /Drew Sturrock 02:06:23
10. Farhaaz Khan /Keith Henrie 02:10:21
11. Valery Bukera /Nital Khetia 02:12:35
12. Jasmeet Chana /Ravi Chana 02:12:51
13. Muna Singh Jnr /Zunaid Khan 02:13:37
14. Geoff Bell /Timothy Challen 02:14:15
15. Leroy Gomes /Urshilla Gomes 02:15:39
16. Mahesh Halai /Ketan Halai 02:17:56
17. Piero Cannobio /Thabith Khandwala 02:19:18
18. Asad Khan /Harshil Limbani 02:20:59
19. Jansher Sandhu /Feisal Khan 02:21:06
20. Kleevan Gomes /Eric Small 02:24:31
21. Jonathan Somen /Richard Hechle 02:25:18
22. Natasha Tundo /Chantal Young 02:27:21
23. Kepher Walubi /Susan Kalema 02:28:09
24. Hassan Alwi /Enoch Olinga 02:31:00
25. Christakis Fitidis /Eric Nzamwita 02:32:11
26. Yasin Nasser /Ali Katumba 02:43:40
27. Sammy Nyorri /Mwangi Kioni 02:48:44
28. Leonardo Varese /Kigondu Kareithi 02:54:55
29. Ramesh Vishram /Riyaz Ismail 03:01:00
30. Minesh Rathod /Sachin Sumaria 03:03:52

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