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The Dissect – Part I

The Dissect – Part I

“Aye so who is BMW?”

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke and the logo consists of 4 blue and white quadrants which are enclosed within a circle. The two colors (white and Blue) used in every quadrant symbolize Bavarian Free State.

“What is BMW?”

For starters it’s a car maker and all the cars that roll out of its lines bare the badge.

In addition to the badge comes the different looks, size, drive terrain, engine power and price. They do this to be able to penetrate the market as much as they can and to appease to the different tastes and classes of people we have in the world.

“Is it really necessary?”

For the different models under the same badge? Yes, call it the magic in variety

Let me try break it down for you

As a car maker, BMW has close to 10 intriguing group of cars. First thing you need to understand there are a sports like group of cars and a normal sedans. The first group are given even numbers (2, 4 and 6 Series) and the latter are done with odd numbers (3, 5 and 7 Series).

To make it easy to understand

The 2 Series is a small two door model available in  a coupe or convertible flavor. Its followed by the 3 Series which is a compact four door model available as a sedan, sports wagon or Gran Turismo

The 4 Series is a coupe-style model available as either a two-door coupe or convertible, or a four-door Gran Coupe and then the 5 Series which is like the 4 series only that its mid-size four door model available as a sedan or Gran Turismo

6 Series is a mid-size two door model available as a two-door coupe or convertible, or a four-door Gran Coupe. The 6 series also offers sprinkles of ALPINA Gran Coupe. Lastly is the 7 Series, a full-size four door model available as a sedan or ALPINA sedan

In addition

X BWM is a special line of SUVs and crossovers like the X5 X6 and so on. The Z4 Model is a beautiful two door roadster. When you want to mean business on the road in terms of performance then the M Models would be your best pick like the M3 is a high performance 3 series sedan. BMW has not been left out in the world of zero emissions but making the i models which are basically electric of hybrid cars.

“So what is Gran Coupe, Gran Turismo and ALPINA?”

Well see the same way you install cool wallpapers and ringtone themes to juice up you phone and daily phone usage, BMW did the same to juice up the driving experience by giving us those three units

A Gran Coupe is a four door car that is coupe styled. It retains the curves and styling of a smaller two door vehicle with the added roominess of a four door. The 4 Series and 6 Series are available as Gran Coupes. The Gran Turismo  is a four door sedan with a higher driving position and a wagon-like trunk. The models available in this kind are the 3 and 5 series.

And Finally the ALPINA Automobiles which are a separate company from BMW. The BMW ALPINA lines are a higher performance variant of the 6 Series and 7 Series. And though its a separate company u still get them all from the BMW lines.

“I love the 320i, what about that?”

Ahh the 320i is a lovely car not as spacious and talented as the sisters but can handle herself well with what she has.  Its got its own spots though, for example the standard steering wheels it comes with, annoyingly blocks the proper view of the info cluster and some tall drivers have to lean forward abit to see. Another thing, the window controls are deep down  along the door arm and to reach them you need long hands


Am sure thats not you want to know for now. The 320i is a clever way the BMW uses to help the end consumers understand what they are buying. So the last two digits of the number in each series used to refer to the displacement size of the engine in this case 320i has a 2.0-liter engine. That has changed over time with introduction of turbo which has really changed the performance in general. As it was the first letter after the number of each vehicle was an “i” on petrol models and the “i” in this case means fuel-injected. But also these things have changed abit in the introduction of electric and hybrid models

“Do they have they 4WD or anything close to that?”

Yes, they do and they have them as the xDrive which is an all-wheel drive and the sDrive which is a 2 wheel drive model. The X models come in both flavors

“Interesting, so anything else I need to learn?”

Well that’s pretty much it but you see in our math classes we all know that’s a subject that go figures only till our brains were thrown into the shucks and letters became part of the subject like X + 2Y = 20;

BWM has code names for all this cars depending on the type and year of production.

“ooh boy”

So thing is, down history books each BMW was born with an E project number which meant Entwicklung, or development. The numbers rose progressively to triple digits where the F numbers came to life. The other models which never made it to the E’s or F’s or rather remained as projects in books. For example they just made this Homage for fun they will never actually produce it

F01 5th-gen 7-series, 2008-
F02 5th-gen 7-series LWB, 2008-
F03 5th-gen 7-series armoured, 2008-
F10 6th-gen 5-series saloon, 2010-
F11 6th-gen 5-series Touring, 2010-
F12 3rd-gen 6-series convertible, 2011-
F13 3rd-gen 6-series coupe, 2011-
F15 3rd-gen X5 replacement, 2014-
F16 2nd-gen X6 replacement, 2014-
F20 2nd-gen 1-series five-door, 2011-
F21 2nd-gen 1-series three-door, 2011
F22 2nd-gen 1-series coupe (badged 2-series), 2013-
F23 2nd-gen 1-series cabriolet (badged 2-series), 2014-
2nd-gen X3, 2011-
F30 6th-gen 3-series saloon, 2011-
F31 6th-gen 3-series Touring, 2012-
F32 3-series coupe replacement (badged 4-series), 2013-
F33 3-series convertible replacement (badged 4-series), 2014-
F34 3-series Gran Turismo, 2013-
F35 4-series four-door coupe, 2015-
F44 1-series Gran Turismo, 2014-
F45 1-series Touring, 2014-
F46 1-series City, 2015-

BMW E3 2500/2800 saloons, 1968-1977
BMW E9 2000-2800 coupés, 1968-1974
BMW E12 1st-gen 5-series, 1975-1981
BMW E21 1st-gen 3-series, 1976-1983
BMW E23 1st-gen 7-series, 1978-1987
BMW E24 1st-gen 6-series, 1977-1989
BMW E25 Turbo concept car, 1972
BMW E26 M1 supercar, 1978-1981
BMW E28 2nd-gen 5-series, 1982-1988
BMW E30 2nd-gen 3-series, 1984-1992
BMW E31 8-series, 1989-1999
BMW E32 2nd-gen 7-series, 1986-1994
BMW E32/2 2nd-gen 7-series LWB, 1987-1994
BMW E34 3rd-gen 5-series, 1989-1995
BMW E36 3rd-gen 3-series, 1992-1999
BMW E36/5 3-series Compact, 1994-2000
BMW E36/7 Z3, M Roadster, M Coupé, 1995-2002
BMW E38 3rd-gen 7-series, 1994-2001
BMW E38/2 3rd-gen 7-series LWB, 1994-2001
BMW E38/3 3rd-gen 7-series armoured, 1998-2001
BMW E39 4th-gen 5-series, 1996-2004
BMW E46 4th-gen 3-series, 1999-2005
BMW E46/5 2nd-gen 3-series Compact, 2001-2004
BMW E52 Z8, 2000-2003
BMW E53 1st-gen X5, 2000-2006
BMW E60 5th-gen 5-series, 2004-2010
BMW E61 5th-gen 5-series Touring, 2004-2010
BMW E63 2nd-gen 6-series, 2003-
BMW E65 4th-gen 7-series, 2001-2008
BMW E66 4th-gen 7-series LWB, 2002-2008
BMW E67 4th-gen 7-series armoured, 2001-2008
BMW E68 4th-gen 7-series hydrogen
BMW E70 2nd-gen X5, 2007-
BMW E82 1st-gen 1-series, 2004-
BMW E83 1st-gen X3, 2003-
BMW E85 1st-gen Z4, 2003-2009
BMW E90 5th-gen 3-series saloon, 2005-
BMW E92 5th-gen 3-series coupé, 2005-

“Sigh, should I remember all those codes?”

Frankly I am not sure its necessarily what is necessary is that you should know your BMW but for knowledge purposes get to learn as much as you can and take your time you will never get interviewed for it.

Start by trying to tell these cars apart.

info from all over google

  • Kinyera George
    Posted at 13:02h, 02 March

    Let me take a shot, from left, 7 series, 6 series cabrio, 5 series M5, 3 series and 1 series finally. Codes. From left, F01, F13, F10, F30 and F20

  • David
    Posted at 17:12h, 02 March

    Hello G,
    Thanks for your comment…but are you sure about your guess 🙂