Autoblog Kenya | Mombasa Cement Rally 2017 KNRC 1.
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Mombasa Cement Rally 2017 KNRC 1.

Mombasa Cement Rally 2017 KNRC 1.

34 entries into the rally comprising of new comers who usually do the MMC rounds now were part of the KNRC.
All the stages were on closed roads on Mombasa cement private land. We had a rally of 2 stages one was 23km and the other was 39km. All this was on a piece of land which made it look like a long autocross.
The road was very tough that it claimed so many victims that by the finish line we had only 12 finishers who had preserved the track. Mitsubishi Evolution(s) proved to be a winning car with 7/12 finishers followed by 3 Subaru(s) and one Toyota. Temperatures were so high and now combined with the heat from the rally cars, some drivers had to get cold water to cool their bodies in between stages.
Manvir Baryan’s Skoda R5 finished the race in 1st position overall making it his first, 1st position finish in a KNRC event and also a first for a Skoda R5 on African soil in its debut rally. Ian Duncan came(Evo 10) in Second followed by Carl Tundo in an Evo 10.
Karan Patel finally finished 4th overall. This was his 1st rally finish in Kenya after doing several rounds in the WRC Dmack Trophy championship .
Tapio was among the casualties after he hit the wall,  Onkar Rai in his new Skoda R5 was also a casualty. Bengi in his new Subaru also was not spared. Rally chix of Natasha Tundo and Chantal young, shambaboyz of the Mahesh Halai and Ketan Halai did not finish due to mechanical issues.
In two wheel drive Leonardo and Kigo were the only finishers in the category. Sammy Nyoori had an issue with his drive shaft at the beginning of stage one. Sam Karangatha and Edward Ndukui who were first in the category in CS1 opted out of the rally because they had broken a control arm and spare one couldn’t withstand the remaining part of the rally.

Provisional Overall Results
Manvir Baryan 01:43:12
Ian Duncan 01:45:00
Carl Tundo 01:45:17
Karen Patel 01:47:59
Tejveer Rai 01:51:30
Baldy Chager 01:54:43
Farhaaz Khan 01:58:05
Jansher Sandhu 02: 01:13
Osman Abdulllahi 02:17:49
Nadeem Kana 02:23:21
Leonardo Varesi 02:38:58
Arjun Pattni 02:55:01

The next rally action will be  the Safari rally somewhere in March but you don’t have to wait that long …there a few sprinkles of AutoX in between. This information will be shared as it happens on our social media platforms.

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