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Mombasa Rally Upcoming

Mombasa Rally Upcoming

Mombasa rally here we go. As teams were preparing themselves to pay an entry fee as high as 50k only to get a surprise of Free entry handed to the teams by Mombasa Motorsport club on the Saturday night before the rally, 1 week before the rally. Now the entry list is expected to be as high as the expected entry fee.

Uncertainties rocking the rally world. The retirement of one of the top drivers Rajbir Rai who won the last two rallies, Ian Duncan officially announcing the sale of his rally car, I hope he goes back to his SPV pickups which is his signature car. Will the Tapio vs Jassi Chatthe rivalry continue this year or it might be a 3 horse race.
Two wheel drive category Bengi upgrading to a 4WD car leaves a gap in the rally. Will we have new comers or comebacks that will dominate this class or the experts of the category Leonardo Verresse having upgraded to a new car that will prove his expertise or the Young star Sam Karangatha in his budget rally car prove to the rally community that it is possible to conquer the class with while rallying on a budget.

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