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The 8 wonder of the Jaguar family.

The 8 wonder of the Jaguar family.


Locally it started with two jaguars . Back then those two Jags were owned but 2 very famous people and they had the status to go with those cars. They also had the money to be able to service this car off shore because we didn’t have the expertise to deal with such cars.

Fast forward … the year is 2016, past the XF through the XJ into the XE and the F-Type, landing into the latest entrant to the Jaguar family, the F-PACE. This is the 8th car of that cat family. Special because its a full blown SUV, the first of its kind in that line.

The F-Pace was officially launched into the Kenyan market on the 30th of June. RMA Motors the franchise behind JLR and LR as a whole gave it a well-deserved welcome at their offices in Westlands.

You may ask “Is it the right market for such a car? “

Yes it is and as of that day, one of the two was already sold and not forgetting the Kenyan love for SUVs and the expression of status, will see a lot more of this car of our roads by the end of the year.

#Why SUV?

Jaguar is among the leaders when it comes to luxurious/sports cars and it was about time it got a footprint in the SUV Segment. Currently this segment has a very tight competition the toothpaste kinda competition even right from the sister company the Range Rover. Jaguar had to make sure they impress the world on this. They had to look at all other SUVs and try pick up bits and pieces of what is missing from all the rest and fit into their own. Some of this fittings don’t come cheap (no wonder other car makers were leaving them out) which in turn give the F-Pace its price tag which I must say is not all that bad. Its one of those prices you look at what you are getting and you close one eye and sign that cheque.

#Set The Pace

You want one? Yes? you should budget from 8m to around 13m and what you get is either the 380hp 3.0L DSC09835supercharged V6 or the standard 340hp that comfortably does 0-100km/h in just under 6 seconds.

Depending on the trim you buy, there is the standard 8-speed Automatic gear box and then there is that on the sporty side of life that comes with paddle shifts. I will never understand why we should have paddle shifts on a SUV but hey maybe that was not for me to understand. It got a smart drive terrain that is actively splitting power between the rare and the front wheels depending on the driving conditions.

It’s a car dripping with technology and as much as those technologies are in many other cars out there, Jaguar truly set the pace by carefully blending all those technologies into its first SUV to make is so simple yet so sophisticated. Two technologies that really fascinated me was the effortless leg wiggle below the rare bumper to open the boot and the active key system that allows you to lock your keys in the car when you are out there doing your outdoors.

The interior is just perfect and when i got a chance, i went into the Pace and shut all the doors. Peaceful silent piece of heaven and though I could not see the starts through the panoramic roof, I felt what you will be feeling when u buy that car. Ian, the designer of the car was able to remove the blindspots the driver has due to the car pillars.





Once on the driver’s seat you can clearly see all round the car without much struggle. I literally knelt down to thank the car gods when I saw it sits 5, well that center seat on the rare seats can’t comfortably sit a grown human but yes it sits 5. I have come to hate what car makers are doing by trying to squeeze 2 more seats in all SUVs. They are most uncomfortable seats right after Huduma Center seats.

The exterior is a brilliant redefined aluminum structure and really curves out well. This structure helps reduce fuel consumption wind noise and in a way the emissions. FP_17MY_198_GEE_GCBW-device_desktop-911x600_tcm76-186437_desktop_911x600

The facial bare the mean Jaguar look that also give the car the general flow to achieve those sporty speeds and effects when you wanna play sports with it. The say the vertical grille design is to help during cruise ventures.




How does it ride? Well when I get that test drive I will sure tell you how it rides. But if the internet is anything to go by, the technology radiating from this car has made it a much smoother car, a car you really don’t have to struggle with, a car that purrs into, through and out of corners effortlessly. SUVs are meant to do some off-roading, am not certain that it can handle the rough terrain in our country but hope to give it a test soon and prove myself wrong.

Overall I think Jaguar should take Ian out for a holiday, it’s the best thing birthed to the world right next to sliced bread. This is quite a brilliant car. It Might have taken long for the Jaguar but they sure did it well. It only leaves me with imaginations of what they will do with the next generation Pace … may be it will be a Flying-Pace giving a meaning to the F in the Pace 🙂

#The Launch

Pics cc RMA Motors

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