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Does it come with a Drone…….??

Does it come with a Drone…….??

We thank Renault Kenya for the chance they gave us to test drive one of their cars. They are located in Nairobi ICD Road, off Mombasa Road .

It was introduced to the world last year during one of the many Auto shows that were. It was one of the most exciting concept cars. It was the one car that promised to come with a drone that the driver can use to scan the path ahead of him for instance traffic, rough terrain etc. Then this information was to be transmitted to the driver in the car as a live feed for his own consumption. Once the drone is done spying it would locate the car and safely dock in it; you know as the movies show how aliens dock back to they mother spaceship after a successful attack on our planet. The Renault Kwid was to drive the change.

Well…….let’s just say the motoring industry is good at selling lies because they promise heaven in a concept and deliver earth in the production.

#For only A million shillings
You would expect such a concept to be costing an arm and leg when it came to production but am happy and sad at the same time to say its only 1 million Kenya shilling exclusive of tax. When you involve the wonderful tax man the price comes to about 1.2m

The Renault Kwid will start sales locally in the next few months and no I won’t lie its anything close to the concept but it has the best sales line ever … A NEW CAR FOR ONLY A MILLION SHILLINGS.
You may ask ‘Why is that the best sales line?’
Well before the whole importation rule was implemented, it was cheaper to import an 8-year-old car (Mtumba) and enjoy it for say 2 years then start emailing Car Clinic to help you troubleshoot all sorts of problems that come as a car is getting old. Now with the Kwid you will pay roughly the same amount of an 8-year-old car only that it is NEW. And not unless you are a reckless driver you will be emailing about your car troubles after 10 years of good service from the Kwid.

So NO, it doesn’t come with a drone but is it worth it?

Joining at position 6 of the New Renault cars, comes the Kwid with a 800L 3 cylinder … (yeah I know you just paused to think of the Vitz) 5 speed manual gear box petrol engine that chunks out 54 Pferdestärke @5678 RPM all thanks to the Renault –Nissan Alliance
That small engine has its benefits because the fuel consumption is really impressive, 25km/l on the highway and 15km to the liter within the city. Takes 28 liters to the brim of our local jungle juice and has a top speed of 145km/h.
According to news, Renault has remained silent about the engine so no one can tell for sure if this will be the only option or there is more to come.

I will not start expressing anything about the interior but I will mention some interesting facts. The selling point of its interior is the Renault MediaNAV, which includes FM Radio, Sat-Nav, Bluetooth and a 7-inch touchscreen interface. The console is stripped down to bare minimum with a Plain digital instrument cluster. The seats in this trim are not covered by leather which means if you don’t want trouble trying to clean the seats invest in some covers. Talking of seats….it has an interesting hand working on them which try to bring out a sporty effect. However, the seat can only be adjusted on recline and longitudinal positions.

Renault-Kwid-inst-720x407Renault-Kwid-interiors1-720x405The boot is very spacious enough to carry a war head … and with rear seats folded in you can carry even more of the warheads. The car is quite spacious even though very tall people would not feel so comfortable in the rear seats
Renault-Kwid-gear-lever-720x405The particular trim we might be getting in Kenya is very economized. I think they put that price tag because they stripped some simple car pleasures, like the rear windows  are manual as if they ran out of wires to make them all automatic or the electricians got tired. The front windows yes, they are automatic but the buttons are smack at the center console together with the Central locking system. Like really why did they not leave them window thingys at doors like all other cars?? Sigh… Am sure if they were to incorporate an Ash tray it would be in the boot.
It has one airbag for the driver, not sure why but i guess because the car should be sold for 1 milli.

It is a car that tries to blend SUV into a CUV. This is done through a variety of features, including short overhangs in the front and rear, plus a lifted body that provides over seven inches of ground clearance which is really good for us in Kenya. Headlights use Renault’s new C-shaped chrome trim lighting signature. It’s a squared-off look using round edges, giving the front fascia a mean look enhanced by Twin fog lamps set in black trim
Moving to the flanks, we see more rectangular shapes, with the front, middle, and rear sections of the car chunkedrenault-kwid-22_800x0w into boxy segments. This is emphasized by the black-trimmed wheel arches, which also help to visually raise the Kwid higher off the ground. While not as pumped-up as the concept car, the fender wells on the production car are still somewhat exaggerated, adding visual mass at the corners. The waistline is raked in appearance, pushed forward by a bulging rear quarter panel and emphasized by the forward-positioned windshield.

The rear is more rounded, with a crease at the mid-section of the tailgate that juts out into the lower bumper, which continues the black protective trim found in the wheel arches and side skirts. A small, color-matched spoiler trails the roofline.

Renault obviously used the right cues to lend the Kwid a sense of greater size and presence. But even with all these allusions to being a robust SUV, the Kwid is still quite compact, and should be small enough to work in a crowded city. Dimensions include a 12-foot length and five-foot width, which Renault claims is ideal for “zipping about in urban traffic.”[Top speed]

Its driving experience is as is, nothing amazing noted which could be explained by lack of enough time during the test drive to experience its full potential. Noted though, it’s pretty smooth on some rugged roads, it has a noisy engine and noisy in a good way and I did not struggle with the handling. Spares are readily available, no need to question car clinic about it.

Yes it’s not as the concept, yes it might not hit your car emotions right but it’s a new car for about 1.2m shillings. Over everything you should know that you are buying a new car that will serve you for almost 8 years, that is 8 years of motoring peace which even sounds good when told about the 3 years warranty. In addition there are 2 FREE service plans which come after 2000kms and 5000kms respectively. Looking at its direct competitors, I would recommend this.

Guest Post

  • Charles
    Posted at 10:48h, 15 March

    This one should sell! And there is every reason for it to sell. But Kenyans with resale considerations may still go for the Mtumba.

  • David
    Posted at 13:40h, 16 March

    Hello Charles,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I wont be shocked if it does not sell, many of us are double standard-ed. But Lets see how this one will do seeing the importation rules are no longer so favorable.