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45 years on …

45 years on …

45 years of elegance…45 years of beauty on vintage….45 years of automotive heritage… 45 years of mechanical brilliance …45 years of the Concours d’Elegance

27th September is when it all happened at the Ngong Race course. Modern Motoring enthusiast met with they motoring fathers. This year’s event was quite huge particularly for me because I purposed to sit and learn, you know in the other events I carried a few friends along and somehow the talks were not so productive but this year I went alone with the sole purpose of learning.

Motoring is a science!! Its one of those things you just cannot sit and assume. It’s the kind you live on your toes to make it work and work perfectly. One good example is this car.


In the show it came with a lady whose grandpa from what I understood practically built the car. its one of its kind hence the name ‘replica’ and guess what it won in its class!!

We also had a chance to enjoy some sky diving gymnastics.I don’t know how it’s connected to cars but all the same we enjoyed them gliding up there in the wind then gliding down to the ground and yes i made up my mind, before the good Lord takes me home i got to try sky diving.Anyone who can help me do this?


This year there were louder,bigger and more beautiful bikes compared to last year. If exhaust noises could be used to rank them be sure most Kenyan bikes could have won but unfortunately a lot of other things come into play.

Most of the funky high performance and modern bikes came from Uganda. After the whole event I went to talk to one of the competitors and it seems bikes are cheaper there…Aye you aahh financial/economic analysts …why is that? Seeing that they somehow pass through Kenya to get to Uganda. The event this year had its first ever Rwandese competitor with a 2003 Yamaha VMax

Bikes pass through 3 stages, the first being a check for external condition, the second checks the engine and the state of mechanical fixtures and at the third stage they’re checked for road worthiness.

The problem with bikes though, they don’t have much going on with them seeing that there aint much of interior or exterior to talk about hence leaving performance and age to be the prime thrill in bikes. that said I didn’t spend much of my time on that section.


I was just on time as the car judging had begun. As usual its over the ramp, to the exterior/interior judges, through the engine inspectors, to the safety judges and out past the costume judges. Since it’s a show of classic cars, age really plays part and how well the cars have been maintained. This year saw many new entries. One of those entries was the Merc 190 SL and ooh my God that car was majestic and if you wish to own it stroll to DTDobie they will give it to you if you give them a good reason to.

In the lineup to was a Nissan Datsun Sunny which won in its class. It was of so much interest to me because its been a while. I guess it didn’t impress me only because apparently Nissan are bringing back the Datsun.

The 1965 Jaguar E-Type was just the climax for me. I relate this car to all the 007 movies I have watched. Love the crazy long hood and the small cabin that gives it that ‘wanna drive me’ perception.


In my previous blog, car sale was one of the reasons I gave you to attend the event . Well then I have a story.

Back in 2007, Richard found an interest in the event and like any other car lover he went. That year held his fortune …an old forsaken 1966 FastBack was waiting for him. He saw a future in that shell of a car. Fast forward to 2008 after much work on it, he took it back and yes it was a class winner and overall came 12th. This year he was back again under classic car sale. He has purely outdone himself am sure when he gets to heaven and God asks him what he did …restoring that Stang should be on his list of good deeds


If you are interested get in touch and don’t think too long, you might not get it by the time yo done thinking



I took a picture of this shell and I have a feeling next year I might have another story for you.









Car Category, overall.
1. Phoenix Aviation with a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor
2. Phoenix Aviation with a 1958 VW Beetle
3. Diccon Wilcock with a 1934 Railton

Motorcycle Category, overall.
1. Sati’s Classics with a 1925 DKW
2. Jasvin Jabbal with a 1958 Norton Racer
3. Bevan Beckmann (RSA) with a 1946 Harley Davidson

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