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Demystifying Le Concours d’Elegance

Demystifying Le Concours d’Elegance

Once each year in September about 200 of the most adored and respected cars and motorcycles  this side of the sahara roll onto the green grass at the Ngong race course

Many are we who know all about this event but few of us have a hard time pronouncing it
Some call it a boring show for uninteresting cars … others call it a show meant for the old people…and that they would rather watch movies backwards than attend the show
…….. all we know it’s the Concours d’Elegance… that one show that gives you a virtual ride in a virtual time machine back to when cars were born

It’s been with us for 45 years and they are doing it all over again this Sunday, September 27th, at Ngong Racecourse Grounds, Nairobi, Kenya. It might be the first time for some of us to attend the event, so let me bring you up to speed with some basic information.

Concours d’Elegance events around the world attract owners of classic and vintage cars and motorcycles with a main aim to battle out on the levels of elegance, prestige and Heritage  in them oldies. Owners of the vintage automobiles drive gracefully past spectators to the judges who check the under-side then followed by separate checks on external finish, interiors and engines.

#Is it Concorthy?
Look at the name I just invented 🙂
Well i am sure that’s one question many of us who own oldies ask ourselves,  does my car have DSC08892what  it takes to compete?
Well here are a few  things that would make your car Concours Worthy
>exceptionally preserved … reason some of the cars you will see that day, you don’t see them on the road
>perfect execution in the restoration process
>if restored, it should have some history to tell about the car, good example the hoot on this picture
>most importantly elegance and Heritage should be written all over it.

Like all other events, Concours has its 20 classes where competitors try to compete in.
They are as follows
1.Utility vehicles (including old style four wheel drive vehicles, double cabs, mini buses and pick-ups and light trucks up to 2 tonnes).
2.Utility vehicles (made in 1990, or earlier)
3.Touring cars and station wagons up to 1,000 cc.
4.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,001 cc to 1,300 cc.
5.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,301 cc to 1,600 cc.
6.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,601 cc to 1,800 cc
7.Touring cars and station wagons from 1,801 cc to 2,000 cc.
8.Touring cars and station wagons from 2,001 cc to 3,000 cc.
9.Touring cars and station wagons from 3,001 cc to 4,000cc.
10.Touring cars and station wagons over 4,000cc
11.Rally, or racing cars (in rally, or racing trim).
12.Open sports cars (convertibles with folding roofs)
13.Veteran, vintage and post vintage cars made up to December 31st, 1940.
14.Street motorcycles up to 350 cc.
15.Street motorcycles from 351 cc. to 650 cc.
16.Street motorcycles from 651 cc. to 900 cc.
17.Street motorcycles from 901 cc. to 1,200 cc.
18.Street motorcycles over 1,200 cc
19.Trail and Enduro motorcycles
20.Competition motorcycles (including racing, motocross and trial bikes).

#Why it’s important you Attend
The field is limited to 70 cars, 40 motorcycles and 30 spots for classic sale all on a first come first served basis. Well its past registration dates but that should not stop you from coming to enjoy the event. Judging is based entirely on cleanliness and condition and there are bonus points for age. Concours is open to all makes and types of cars and motorcycles.
If you still think you have no reason enough to attend the event, well the Classic Car and Motorcycle Sales happens same day and classic car owners get a chance to put them up for sale.

2015 CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance tickets are available on, Capital FM, Sarova Panafric, Sarova Stanley, and all CBA branches in Nairobi and Thika. For more information, check out the official Facebook page.

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