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The glitz and glamour of the Total motor show 2015

The glitz and glamour of the Total motor show 2015

On the 6th day He made Man
…..Man created cars and the creation process was complete 🙂


That creation is slowly becoming a major part of our lives. Some use it for pleasure …others to earn they daily bread …but that for me is a non-issue …all we do here is appreciate the creation that’s rapidly growing
It’s for this reason that there so many motoring shows and events. Not only to appreciate effort that goes into making them cars but to also to get to compare different intelligence levels in them.

As the gimmicks of the Frankfurt motor show slowly faded away from our memories…our own version of it was brewing at KICC …

The Total Motor show 2015

This year saw a much bigger event. It was such a huge event that the organizers are now thinking of looking for a bigger venue seeing they turned down 20+ exhibitors and this for us is good news because we are assured that after 2 years the show will be bigger.

It was graced with new brands, new cars and new technology. The event also saw the launch of a few cars – the Jaguar XE being the latest in the motoring sphere. American muscle car, Camaro, also turned heads.. Renault Kenya who are a few months old also brought their best … and I must say if you have not booked a test drive for the Duster please do so here and then BUY IT. It’s the most sensible car this year. Prius is a car i really love and yes it was there too this year

Porsche also joined in the fun with 3 cars that am sure you have seen on our roads. RMA motors could not have missed out on this, and for them it was quite important because they got to launch the New Jaguar XE and to add sweetness to the event there had the SVR … i cant talk about it much because well you know it was my first time to come close to it but hey Google is your friend

Brands like Suzuki and Mazda, who recently launched officially  in the Kenyan markets were also there with a range of products. As we mentioned sometime back, NEW cars will soon become a favorite for most people for the simple reason of motoring peace.
As usual anything on wheels was represented ranging from the 2 wheeler right up to 24 wheeler, the ones with a 40km/h top speed to the ones with 200km/hr, the 2 seater to the 62 seater etc.12016732_10207785283574633_1839712931_n


Amidst all the salivating and wishful thinking that was happening…a Kenyan shocked everyone with an SLS AMG and Noooooo it was not under Merc’s booth, it came under an insurance company…(that’s for your judgement). I only see it in movies and motoring shows elsewhere in the world. I would never best explain the magnitude of its engine than what is in this picture.




Talking big machines … why have they decided to make them automatic? We personally think that is stripping away the joy of driving. There was a bus with an automatic transmission and I got to ask this, what are your thoughts about that?

Modifying cars is also becoming a common practice. We all love when a sports car feels looks and sounds like one and we adore a 4*4 when it seriously looks like one and hence the guys responsible for such gymnastics were also represented. Though I would advise if you have to modify a car kindly let a professional do it. When cars are modified a lot changes in its original dynamics and if done without proper knowledge it will cost you.

IMG_20150919_110030 IMG_20150919_102634 IMG_20150919_085139
There other modifications that are solemnly focused on changing the vehicle’s function …say converting a lorry into a mobile clinic like the ones used for the Beyond Zero campaigns, those too need good knowledge and skills and the companies responsible for that were also in the Total motor show.

A tradition for me … when I get to motoring events we look for random people in the event and we walk around discussing cars, well this time I was not so lucky,all the same i learnt a lot and had my share of fun.

Anyway too much talk …to the pictures

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